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Mezan Cooking Oil - Carton (10 x 01 Liter).jpg Mezan Cooking Oil - Carton (10 x 01 Liter)
Mezan Cooking Oil - Carton (10 x 01 Liter) Mezan Cooking Oil - Carton (10 x 01 Liter)

Mezan Cooking Oil - Carton (10 x 01 Liter)

Brand: Mezan

Retail Price: 1500.00

Bonus Value: 150.00

Bonus Points: 0.2500

Home delivery available in Faisalabad only.
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Product Description

Mezan Cooking Oil, Canola & Sunflower has a blended with Tocopherol that helps to improve your Immunity System. Tocopherol plays a vital role in improving our immune system. It helps in the function of DNA repair and also in improving the body�s metabolism processes. Intake of Tocopherol helps stop the development of nitrosamines in our body. Nitrosamines are carcinogens, formed in the stomach from nitrates in our diet. This helps in the improvement of our metabolism process. Tocopherol helps protect some of our sensitive tissues of our body parts like skin, liver and eyes. Omega-6 and Omega-3 Fatty acids are termed essential fatty acids since they need to be consumed via your diet. They are essential for a healthy growth and repair. They decrease the chances of fatal heart diseases and regulates blood pressure. It is highly advised to have them in your diet on a regular basis. Hence choose Mezan oil, the healthier choice.

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